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Fun Facts About The Author!

The Renegade Girls Tinkering Club

The Renegade Girls Tinkering Club started out as a summer camp and after school enrichment program where I am co-founder and content/curriculum creator. We've served about 1000 kids a year, encouraging their curiosity and getting hands-on. 

I have THREE amazing sisters!

sisters (2020_01_21 06_25_50 UTC).jpg

All four of us went into STEAM fields!

Don't you wish you had my sisters?

You can't. Because they are mine.

Other Work!

I used to make video games for a living. Yes, seriously! I helped make more than a dozen games, one terrible television show, and even a movie!

The Projects!

Most of the projects in the book come from the curricula I wrote for the Renegade Girls Tinkering Club enrichment program. I've created over 17 curricula with more than 215 different projects by myself, and helped make even more. I've chosen some of the best loved projects for the books.

Terri Selting David

More About Me!

I left Colorado in 1996 and headed even more West until I couldn't get any West-er. Landing in San Francisco to pursue a career in digital character animation, I spent over a decade telling stories visually in video games, film and television. The birth of my children prompted me to want to make the world a better place, so in 2015 I founded the Renegade Girls Tinkering Club with my friend Vicky, an after school and summer enrichment camp. Together we set out to make the world of STEM more welcoming to girls. A few years later, I blended my background telling stories, my experience writing curricula for kids, and my passion for encouraging girls to pursue their love of all things STEM by writing the Renegade Girls Tinkering Club novels. I wanted to bring the projects I created for camp to a wider audience and help older girls with some of the unique challenges they face as they make the decisions to pursue technology, science, and engineering during a fragile time in everyone's life: middle school.

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