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It's a Mystery...


Wren Sterling knows she’s super smart and a good friend, but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t shake her reputation as a troublemaker. Her brain just doesn’t work like the brains of the other kids at Ada Lovelace Charter School. They all seem to know what’s going on. She’s just trying to get through the day. It feels like the only people who believe in her are her three best friends in the Renegade Girls Tinkering Club.


When the Renegades start a business inventing and selling spy gadgets, it looks like she’s finally done something right. But then they’re accused of a school crime! Can they use their own spy gadgets and ingenuity to clear their names? If they can find the real culprit, Wren might just discover she has a bright future after all.


Build DIY SPY GADGETS along with the Renegades in this interactive adventure encouraging the STEM in all of us.


Instructions and templates included for hands-on science and building projects.

"Super amazingly awesome and easy to get lost in."

          -completely unbiased review by the 

12-year-old daughter of the author

The Renegade Spy Project

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the Series

A Hands-on Reading Experience

The four girls in the Renegade Girls Tinkering Club are just starting to explore their future as they move from elementary to middle school, and are on the cusp of becoming young adults. As life becomes more complicated, how can they grow their love of exploring and inventing into the next stage in their lives? Join these middle schoolers in ongoing adventures about learning your strengths, exploring your passions, and doing what needs to be done. 

In the books, the girls confront various roadblocks girls face on their path to becoming Women in STEM: finding their place, being dismissed as 'girly', being over-scheduled and feeling the need to satisfy other people's expectations, and perfectionism and impostor syndrome in realistic, relatable ways. There are no dark dystopian governments to overthrow, no aliens or dark gods to battle or portals to slide through, and none of the girls have superpowers. Those are all fun elements, but young girls need to know that kids JUST LIKE THEM can become scientists and engineers. You don't have to have superpowers to make a difference and follow your passions.

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Style Renegades - SNEAK PEEK

Amber Rosenberg works hard to stand out. She excels in science class, has interesting hobbies, and always presents herself well, keeping up with the latest styles. She takes great care of her beautiful hair and knows just the right accessory to pair with any outfit. Everyone likes Amber just fine.


But she’s nothing special.


She failed to get elected to the student council, failed to help raise money to fix the most precious piece of equipment in her beloved club, failed to keep it from getting broken in the first place. Her rowdy brothers constantly overshadow her, and even her crush seems to prefer her best friend. She may be the girls with all the answers, but it doesn’t seem to be getting her anywhere. All her successes are balanced by failures, leaving her in the perpetual, boring middle. A big zero on the special scale.


When the perfect opportunity to do something really special, to BE someone really special, pops up, she jumps at it. But if the election taught her anything, it’s that she can’t do it alone. She needs the help of her best friends in the Renegade Girls Tinkering Club. This time she’s going to get them onboard. This time they’ll do it together. 


Just as they hit their stride, though, a school assignment throws a wrench into her plans. She may not be the hero of this fairy tale after all. In fact, she may just be the villain. Amber must reassess what it means to achieve her goal. Does she want to stand out, or stand up for what’s right?


Can she stand up for what she believes in, even if it means sacrificing her one chance to be someone special?


the Renegades



Wren Sterling’s mechanical mind and poor impulse control frequently get her into trouble. Can she use her powers for good, or is she destined to be everyone's favorite screw-up forever?

Artwork by Endi Kim



Amber Rosenberg loves both science and fashion, but will anyone ever take her seriously as a scientist while she's wearing a princess dress?

Artwork by Endi Kim


Kaminia Doyle may get constantly overlooked, but underneath her quiet surface lurks a gift for organizing, systems, language, and patterns. If she could lighten up and take a few risks, maybe even let herself fail now and then, who knows where those gifts might take her? 

Artwork by Terri David


Ivy Rose

Ivy Rose Park wins everything she does. Some day she'll be an electrical engineer, but how can she fit in the extracurricular study with multiple sports, schoolwork, and the tinkering club? So much to do, so little time.

Artwork by Terri David

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